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Garden Club of VA Features Milton NC Tour

Thanks to the Danville Garden Club’s sponsorship, The Garden Club of Virginia is including nearby Milton, NC, as part of its 2019 Historic Garden Week festivities. This is only the second time the state-wide garden tour has featured a site outside of Virginia.

Friday, May 3, 2019, the town of Milton will join forces with the Danville Garden Club to show visitors many historic homes, churches and other buildings around the town. Sites will include the

Thomas Day House/Union Tavern with Fred Motley posing as Thomas Day, narrating the history behind handsome pieces of furniture as well as architectural elements attributed to Day’s workshop that are found in historic buildings in Milton, other areas of North Carolina, and in many residences in nearby Halifax County.

Other sites include the newly renovated North Carolina State Bank now housing pieces of Thomas Day furniture; the Irvine House, Milton Presbyterian Church; Milton Baptist Church, Woodside Inn, and other churches and buildings in the town. Box lunches available and VIR’s Oak Tree Tavern will offer a buffet.

The Danville Garden Club will have flower arranging demonstrations at the Milton Woman’s Club. Garden Week Guidebooks describing tours throughout Virginia and Milton can be found in local libraries or by requesting a copy at

In 2017 members of the Halifax County Historical Society visited the Thomas Day House/Union Tavern (TDH/UT), heard a presentation by Joe Graves, former president of TDH/UT, and visited the Milton Presbyterian Church to see pews made by former member, Thomas Day.