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Halifax County Historical Society

From Bulletin Number 17 and 18.

Windy Hill.jpg

WINdy Hill, the Hightower home

Brooklyn area, Halifax county, Virginia


Windy hill

by Ginger Gentry

Windy Hill was the home of Joshua Hightower, built circa 1855. Joshua Hightower and Mary Thomas Anderson were married on May 2nd in Pittsylvania County, Virginia.

In the 1850 federal census Joshua and Mary Hightouwer were living in the southern district of Pittsylvania County with their four children: William A., age 7; Susanna Elizabeth, age 5; Jane W., age 3; and Sarah H., age 2.

In the 1860 census Joshua Hightower had moved to the southern part of Halifax County, Virginia. His wife Mary died in January of 1851. Their daughter Mary Thomas, named for her mother, was born three days earlier, January 18, 1851. Susanna Elizabeth (Bettie) was 15, Sallie 12, Mary T., 10, and William A. was 17.

William A. Hightower joined the Confederate army May 7, 1861, serving in Company E, 23rd VA Infantry, Brooklyn Grays.

Susanna Elizabeth “Bettie” was the only child of Joshua and Mary T. Hightower to marry. She married Beverly Barksdale III. They both lived, died, and are buried in the Barksdale cemetery at Brooklyn.

Joshua Hightower, Susanna’s father, and Beverly Barksdale II, Beverly III’s father, began the manufacturing of plug chewing tobacco in the Brooklyn Tobacco Factory in 1855.

Beverly Barksdale III and Captain William Haymes, Beverly II’s brother-in-law, opened the Brooklyn Tobacco Factory after the Civil War in early 1880.

Joshua Hightower, his wife Mary, and four of the five children are buried in the Shelton-Anderson-Hightower cemetery at Laurel Grove.