Request Research

To help researchers who are unable to visit Halifax County, Virginia, a genealogical/historical research service is available.  The service is intended to provide the researcher with basic information found in the available resources in Halifax County, Virginia regarding a specific family.

Print and complete this form to request research to be performed on a particular surname.  This service is free for members. For non-members, we you can either:

  • make a donation to help us offset the cost of performing this service,
  • or, after the first hour (which is provided for free), pay a fee of $10.00/hour.  

Cost of copies and mailing are the responsibility of the individual making the request.

Halifax County Historical Society Volunteers can research questions that relate to any of the following topics:

  • Deeds and property research

  • Tax records

  • Wills and estates

  • Records of births, deaths, marriages

  • Other sources regarding local history

  • Genealogies and manuscripts

  • Halifax County histories and biographical annals

  • Marriages

  • Cemetery records

We will not attempt to trace the history of a property or search the federal census.

Please print and complete this form to make our search easier. Please provide all names, dates and places regarding your request. Inquiries are handled in the order they are received. Please note that due to limited staff and volunteer researchers, there may be a delay of several weeks before your inquiry is started.

We reserve the right not to undertake research on requests that are too broad or vague. (Examples:  I am looking for the parents of Jane Doe. She was born in Halifax County. I am searching for information on the family of John and Jane Doe of Halifax County. Whatever you can send, will be appreciated.)

It takes as just as long to do an unsuccessful search as to do a successful one. Your chances for a successful search may depend upon your ability to describe the search you wish to have done.

For questions, please contact Barbara Bass, President, at 434-753-2137 or