The Society has great news for its members and the community. The Society is purchasing its first home from Kathy and Larry Pearson through the generosity of an anonymous donor. The Pearsons, are owners of the Chaffin House at 110 Mountain Road in the Town of Halifax, The Society is excited to have a home for the first time in its history. Located in the Mountain Road Historic District, it once belonged to local resident Frank Chaffin and his family.

The Society plans to fundraise in the near future to help with a renovation. Please consider a donation to help with this project. There are plans for naming opportunities in the house. As they are developed, information will be made to prospective donors. Rooms will include a meeting room and a library for our collection. Although the house is in good condition, work is needed—a partial roof section, outside and inside trim repairs and painting, new shutters, and yard work. As the process begins, the Society will reach out to members with expertise in planning and those willing to help with some of the work.


The Chaffin House

Located at 110 Mountain Road, the two-story house appears in a 1891 deed book entry when Robert Wharton Watkins, attorney, and his wife Fannie Mayo Melvin Watkins sold the ½-acre property to John H. Farmer for $1,575.00. According to the deed, Farmer was already residing in the house which was probably constructed in the late 1880s. 

The next owners were W. Macon Smiley and Laura Y. Smiley who sold the property in 1913, to Marguerite Blackshear Dickens for $2,450.00. She and her husband James A. Dickens owned the house until 1921, when it was sold for $5,000 to Frank Clay Chaffin, Sr. Chaffin died in 1974 and in his will conveyed the property to his children James R. Chaffin, Nancy Chaffin Sizemore, and Frank Clay Chaffin, Jr. subject to lifetime rights for his wife Ethel Roberts Chaffin. Mrs. Chaffin died in 1979, and in August of the same year James R. Chaffin and wife and Nancy Chaffin Sizemore and husband conveyed their interests in the house and property to Frank Clay Chaffin, Jr.   

Frank Clay Chaffin, Jr. died in 2004 and Kathryn Holt Pearson obtained the property.